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learn how to make clean eating simple

End dinner chaos and learn the skills necessary to have success when feeding your family healthier!

Let me show you how to create a healthy meals that are


let me teach you...

1. how to navigate the grocery store

It can be so overwhelming to know what is actually clean and what to look for on labels when purchasing pre-packaged food. It's always best to eat fresh, real food without labels but with our fast paced society, there is a need for some of these types of products. I will help you know what to look for and avoid! Also to know when it's important to buy organic and when it doesn't really matter. There is so much info I can't wait to teach you!

2. Skills in the kitchen

Through my step-by-step on demand classes, I will walk you through the whole process from the grocery store, to meal prepping & then how to create a delicious meal that the whole family will love! I will teach you everything from knife skills and how to sauté, roast, pan-sear, broil, BBQ, steam, meal prep, freeze, bath cook and yes, how to NOT overcook meat & fish so it's unpalatable! And we have fun doing it too!

3. help you succeed with confidence

If you give me 1+ hours a week, I will teach you one baby step at a time how to transform your families' habits & rituals into healthier ones through small & simple changes. This isn't about drastic changes and restrictions. This is about adding one recipe or one healthy habit at a time to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable & enjoyable

In THE "whole foods 4 life" PROGRAM

you will learn through 3 different mODALITIES

Once you get your membership in the program, you will have instant access to all the slideshows, pre-recorded coaching & cooking classes to do on demand to learn at your own pace.


The slideshows can be watched any time before the coaching calls. The slideshows cover the importance of various foods for the body and brain, including healthy fats, proteins, carbs, blood sugar, fasting, the 80/20 rule and cellular health.

"Knowledge is power."

It will give you the power to make better choices & is crucial for success!


Coaching calls play a key role in our journey as I help you overcome any obstacles & we cheer each other on! We also get to dive into the recipes lined up for the next week and chat about label tips and things to steer clear of. Plus, we've set up a nice rhythm: one week is all about the slideshow and coaching, followed by a fun cooking class the next!


During the cooking classes, you'll discover techniques to make nutritious food delicious. Each session includes preparing a full dinner and a healthy snack for the week. The meals usually yield leftovers for easy weeklong consumption or freezing. The program offers cooking classes every other week to avoid being overwhelmed.

Kind words from current MEMBERS.

"Cooking with her each week is so fun and full of great information and tips. The recipes have been so yummy and healthy. I am eating food closer to the source and reading food labels to ensure the quality of the ingredients in the food I am purchasing. Bless you Suzy for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful personality."

- Lisa

"Love your program, Suzy, and it has been so incredibly helpful! It’s hard to find a program like this and I’m so thankful for you!!!"

- Kelly

“Suzy cares about internal health and what these foods are doing for our body. I actually saw it work because my triglycerides went down, my LDL went down and my HDL went up. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I went to the doctor!”

- Cori



Here's what's included:

We cooked through all the seasons making over 200+ recipes
so you'll have a year-round palette of flavors to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

Live Group/Personal Coaching

The "Whole Foods 4 Life" program includes FREE bi-weekly coaching calls with Suzy but you can always book private sessions if desired.

Pre-Recorded Classes

On demand access to the slideshows, coaching calls & cooking classes. They can be used any day & any time of the week that works with your busy schedule!

Printable Handouts

The handouts are full of healthy family-friendly recipes and there are coaching call handouts & BONUS recipes too!

HERE'S A sneak peek...


This program will teach you how to cook & meal prep as well as information on how whole foods affect the body! You will also learn how to read labels in the grocery store so you know what you're buying is clean and that it will contribute to your families' physical & mental health.

Most women don't have confidence in the kitchen to create clean & healthy meals that their family will like...

that is where I come in! Most people don't want to cook a separate meal for their kids...and neither did I!

I've learned the hard way trying to implement healthy eating with my own family over the last 12 years and I've learned so much of WHAT NOT TO DO!! I can now share with you how to do it and save you from all the headache from failed recipes, the hassle of finding good ones & wasted food thrown on the floor by picky kids!

You can join anytime that is convenient for you! You can just start with one season but the best price is going for the All Season package for sure! It's basically 4 seasons for the price of 2! Don't miss this deal!

Can't wait to meet you and help you through this journey to a healthier family!

It's THE best program! After each class, Mike and I say, “This is my favorite recipe.”

We’ve learned so much & we’re having a blast with you.”




6 cooking classes

6 coaching calls

6 slideshows

50+ clean & delicious recipes


Bi-weekly LIVE coaching

with Suzy

*Limited time


one-time payment



24 cooking classes

24 coaching calls

6 slideshows

200+ clean & delicious recipes in a printable recipe book format

Bi-weekly LIVE coaching

with Suzy

Bonus video classes


one time payment


WF4L Program ALL Seasons Package


3 - 45 min. private coaching sessions with Suzy

*Limited availability


one-time payment

For those of you who may be timid about this whole healthy cooking thing, I have decided to offer a smaller package where you can purchase just one season. For a limited time, it will include live coaching as well.

All content is pre-recorded and available on demand. This is a great place to start but please note there are no live coaching calls, however it will give you a little taste of what's it's like!

The All Seasons package is the definitely the best bang for your buck! It's for those who know they are ready to start transitioning their family into a healthier lifestyle centered on real food! They feel the call and they know what they've done in the past hasn't worked so they're ready to try something different.

With this package, you get all 4 seasons for basically the price of 2! The added bonus is that you also get to attend the LIVE bi-weekly coaching calls with me & other like minded women! I will guide you step-by-step through this journey as you transition your family into a healthier lifestyle. There is also plenty of time for Q&A so if you're someone who needs a little accountability & encouragement, this might be your best option! There are so many delicious recipes throughout the year, you really don't want to miss out!

If you are wanting some private coaching on this journey as well, then the third option might be the best fit for you because you get 3 coaching sessions for the price of 2 as well as all the benefits of the All Seasons package.

I'm so excited to help you get started on your journey to healthier cooking!

Are you ready? All you have to do is go for the one that is calling your name! I look forward to working with you!

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Can I purchase any season at any time?

Yes you can! Each season has recipes specifically designed to take advantage of local produce during each season but in the US, most produce is available anytime. There are more comfort foods in the winter season for sure but most the seasons contain recipes that can be made year round. The program is evergreen so you can start an time or any season! See the last question on when seasons start if you want to be on the live coaching calls.

If I purchase one season first, can I upgrade to the All Seasons program afterwards?

You can upgrade to the All Seasons program at any time but you will have to pay the current rate for it. Unfortunately, we can't reduce the cost anymore for someone who has purchased one season. It's still only the cost of 2 seasons so you're still getting a steal of a deal. Watch out for my emails and announcements in my Instagram and Facebook for discount codes that you can use to reduce the price. I highly recommend going for the All Seasons program from the beginning to take advantage of the best pricing & all the delicious recipes! Trust us, you won't want to miss out. on any of them!

If I buy the course today, do I have immediate access?

Yes, all of the classes are available on demand. The coaching calls that come with the individual seasons are even recorded so you can start learning & cooking right away! If you purchase the All Seasons program, you will see the schedule for the LIVE coaching calls in your portal, so you can jump on the next one scheduled! Can't wait to meet you!

I would like to have some accountability and coaching to help me really make the transition. Is there coaching available?

Yes, there is group and private coaching available. The All Seasons program comes with bi-weekly group coaching with Suzy so she can help guide you through the program and help you every step of the way. If you want more personalized help, you can always purchase the third option that comes with 3 private sessions. You can also book a private session anytime you want more individualized help for $150.

Do I have to be a good cook to do this program?

Of course not! That's why she designed this course! You get to cook right along watching every move and learning all of the tips & tricks it takes to become efficient & skilled in the kitchen. The more you cook with Suzy, your confidence will grow tremendously! You'll be a pro before you know it!

How long do I have access to the program?

The individual season package will have 6 months of access. The All Seasons program will have 365 days of access. Don't worry, you will be able to print the whole recipe book & all the handouts from the beginning but the video access is limited to those time frames.

When does each season start?

Winter Season starts in January

Spring season starts in April

Summer season starts in June

Fall seasons starts in September

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nice to meet you

I'm suzy, your new COOKING coach.

Thank you for considering us on your journey to flavorful well-being! I'm here to support moms in creating a healthy, family-friendly lifestyle. It's all about baby steps to better health. It's simpler than you think.

If you are struggling to decide if you should join the program or which one would be best for you, please schedule a 15 minute consult so that I can help you figure out the best fit.

I am here to support you through the whole journey and I can't wait for your success!



Are you ready to embark on a tasty adventure that promises not only delightful flavors but also improved well-being?

If the answer is a resounding "Yes!" - don't hesitate! Reserve your spot today!

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If you've still got questions for me or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.